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How to prompt in Sloyd - Generating 3D assets

How to prompt in Sloyd - Generating 3D assets

Use AI prompting to generate and customize buildings, weapons, and various props with Sloyd, to simplify your 3D asset creation!


Are you a game developer, designer, or just a hobbyist intrigued by the world of 3D modeling? If you've ever found traditional methods cumbersome and time-consuming, Sloyd's 3D model customization might be what you're looking for!

What is Prompting?

Prompting is the use of artificial intelligence to facilitate the generation of content or assets based on simple text commands. In the context of Sloyd, AI prompting serves as a quick and efficient way to produce 3D models. Users simply type in a short description of the object they wish to create, and the AI interprets this to generate a corresponding 3D asset. It's an intuitive approach that significantly reduces the learning curve often associated with 3D modeling tools, allowing you to skip tedious setups and jump straight into customization.

How does 3D modeling prompts in Sloyd work?

3D prompt - The Basics: Text to Model

You can start generating a 3D asset simply by typing what you're looking for. Input something like "Majestic staff with horns," and the system will immediately present a 3D model resembling your request. Think of it as your starting point in the vast world of 3D customization.

3d prompt

The Role of Generators and Parts

In Sloyd's current version, AI prompting works by picking from predefined options known as 'Generators' and 'Parts'. Here's how it goes:

  1. Reading the Prompt: The AI reads your text input.
  2. Determining the Right Category: The AI then matches your input with a suitable category like weapons, buildings, or furniture.
  3. Choosing the Right Generator: Then the AI finds the generator that best fits the prompt, like rifles, apartment houses, or mage staffs.
  4. Selecting Parts: Within that generator, it chooses the parts that match your description the best. For example, you can ask to generate a medieval house with a tower and it will assemble those parts for you.

Specific 3d modeling prompts

Sloyd's AI prompting is programmed to understand various types of objects and terms within a given category. For example, it knows the difference between an M16 and an AK-47 if you're creating weapons.

weapon 3d modeling prompts
When creating weapons, try prompting for different rifle models

What 3D models can you generate with AI in Sloyd?

As of now, Sloyd doesn't support every kind of object. The AI will instead do its best to provide you of an object closest to what you prompted. For instance, if you type "bear," which isn't currently supported, the system will produce the closest possible option, like a bear trap.

Currently supported object types:

🏘️ Buildings
🔫 Weapons
🚦 Props
🪑 Furniture
🚗 Vehicles

Unsupported categories:

🦸 People
🐻 Animals

Sloyd compared to other solutions

While ChatGPT and Midjourney are robust tools in their domains, Sloyd specifically focuses on 3D asset creation with an eye for gaming, design, and other similar applications. ChatGPT is geared towards natural language processing, and Midjourney on images, neither offers the specialized text-to-3D model generation that Sloyd does.

In 3D generation, pure diffusion based generation seen in image generation is proving both inaccurate, expensive, and time-consuming to train and use. Sloyds hybrid of parametric models and AI is already giving very usable and fast results with this different approach.

3D modeling design prompts: The Future

In the coming updates, Sloyd aims to introduce more advanced features to its AI prompting, like material color controls and conversational changes.

The AI will not only select parts for you, but customize its parameters according to your prompt. That means you can ask for not just "a medieval house with a tower", but also "a medieval house with super wide and tall towers".

You will also be able to ask about material changes, like "make the tower blue and metallic".

Additionally, more organic and detailed shapes will be released to support more types of objects and object categories.


Sloyd's AI prompting leverages sophisticated generators and parts to produce a 3D asset that aligns closely with your needs. This generated asset is not a final product but a powerful starting point for personalization. It's an ingenious solution that significantly reduces the time needed to get the asset you desire while leaving ample room for customization.

While the feature is already functional and effective, future updates promise even greater flexibility and control.

So, the next time you find yourself overwhelmed by endless sliders and options, remember that Sloyd's AI prompting has already done half the work for you. All that's left is for you to add your unique touch.


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