Our vision

Our main purpose is to support creators with the tools they need to stay creative. We believe that with an easy to use 3D-creation tool, less time and resources is needed on painstakingly modeling every asset, allowing creators to focus on other creative elements of their production.

If you are creating a game, virtual world or experience, you need a lot of stuff to make the environment come to life. We think it's too time consuming and hard to achieve this today and want to simplify 3D, while still giving creators the tools to stay unique. With this, we hope to enable more people to create amazing games and experiences.


We believe that 3D-creation should be a lot easier, so your time and resources can be used in a smarter way.

Support creators

To us, the most important thing is to support creators with the tools they need to stay creative.

Anyone can create

We enable more people to create amazing games and experiences, by making 3D art approachable.

Our story

It all started with an idea for an indie game. Our now co-founder and CTO Øyvind Sørøy, had spent years honing his skills in both game design, programming and 3D modeling after a decade in the gaming industry. Throughout his career, he had worked on franchises like FIFA and The Sims, and released his own indie games. The time was ready to build an open world game. As a solo developer.

He quickly realized how tedious, repetitive, and tiring creating all the 3D assets for the game was. Wanting a huge, expansive environment, he searched for any tool that could provide what he needed in terms of speed and quality. Nothing sufficed. He started coding an algorithm to generate the assets he needed. Soon, the game had procedural generated assets, all generated at runtime.

It didn’t take long before it dawned on him how much potential this could have for not just his game, but for any developer who wanted the power of runtime procedural generation. The idea also developed: with procedural comes rules. With rules comes automation. A vision was born.

Øyvind connected with Machine Learning evangelist and product manager Avi Latner, and lifelong gamer and management consultant Andreas Edesberg, finding an exciting common ground in their passion for creative technology. They found their first investors, incorporated the company, Sloyd was born, and they set out their journey together to revolutionize 3D creation.

Procedural + machine learning

We believe that 3D creation can become a lot smarter and a lot faster than it is today.

Our first way of tackling this is with our Web App, where content is powered by talented 3D artists from our team and our community. We are also working on our SDK for runtime generation.

At the same time, we are developing our machine learning capabilities. We have all been inspired by recent developments in generative art, and believe that our approach for generative 3D will mean not only smart generation, but also with clean topology for runtime use.

Our Partners

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Meet the team

We are an international team of gamers, developers, and artists.

Abhijheet Chatterjee

Frontend Developer

Elizabeth Shibut

Frontend Developer

Faisal Alsajjan


Nikolay Yordanov

3D software engineer

Niko Skakun


Øyvind Sørøy

Co-founder, Technology
3D art

Alexander Kuchta

3D Artist

Jørgen Lande Nyborg

3D Artist

Sergio Rossi Lea

3D Artist
Business & marketing

Andreas Edesberg

Co-founder, Marketing

Avi Latner

Co-founder, Product

Noam Tzionit

UX/UI designer

3D doesn't have to be a time sink

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