Privacy Policy

Sloyd AS is a private company incorporated in Norway. The company registration number is 927129043. It operates its services in the domain and subdomains. 

Personal data
When you sign-up to the Sloyd webapp, your email is taken and stored by a third-party identification service provider Auth0 (Okta Inc, privacy policy) who is GDPR compliant.

We also store emails in Mailchimp (Intuit Inc, privacy statement). If you wish to remove your personal information from our logs please write to us at and we will do it in a few business days. If you wish to be removed just from the mailing list but still keep your webapp account, you can use this unsubscribe link. We also have a feedback form in the app.

Choosing to provide feedback is internally up to you. If you choose to do so, your feedback including name, age and email will be stored in Typeform (privacy policy). When you ask to remove your information we will also delete the records we have in Typeform. 

Our web app uses cookies for necessary functional operations and for analytics. By choosing to sign-up to use the web app you are accepting the use of those cookies. Necessary cookies needed for the function of the application are dropped by:Us; sloyd.aiAuth0
Analytics cookies: Mixpanel 

Our website uses cookies analytics and advertising cookies to be able to tie visits on the website to ads that we ran on Facebook and Instagram.
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Advertising cookies: Facebook callback