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Techniques, tips and strategies for creating amazing 3D content!
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How to Create 3D Models with Sloyd: Introduction

Discover how to effortlessly craft captivating 3D models using Sloyd's intuitive web app. Unleash your creativity today!
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Sloyd's Asset Pages: Your Gateway to 3D Models

Asset pages are a way for users searching for free 3D models to find out what we have in Sloyd before logging in.
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How to prompt in Sloyd - Generating 3D assets

Use AI prompting to generate and customize buildings, weapons, and various props with Sloyd, to simplify your 3D asset creation!
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Boost Your Game Dev Channel: 3 Pro Tips for YouTube Success

Discover key strategies to elevate your indie game dev YouTube channel. Learn insights on reaching a broader audience and optimizing content.
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Embracing Asset Flipping in Game Development

Discover the truth behind asset flipping in game development. Learn how leveraging 3D assets smartly can enhance your game without the stigma.
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How to make a 3D medieval house

Learn how to make a medieval house in Sloyd, by generating and customizing a 3D model in the browser.
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Create your own 3D Asset Pack with Sloyd: Quick Tutorial

Craft a stunning 3D asset pack in minutes with Sloyd's intuitive tools. Rapidly customize, assemble, and export your creations!

Creating Game-Ready 3D Assets with Sloyd and Substance Painter

Unlock the full potential AI-powered modeling and advanced texturing techniques with Sloyd and Substance Painter to streamline your 3D asset creation!
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How to Make 3D Pixelized Models: Quick Voxel Modeling!

Quick guide on how to easily make 3D pixelized models using Sloyd and MagicaVoxel in less than five minutes
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Revitalize Your Creative Mojo: 8 Expert Tips to Overcome Creative Block!

Discover effective strategies to overcome creative blocks. Reignite your imagination and unlock new levels of creativity with expert tips!

How to texture a 3D model from Sloyd

How to add custom materials and textures to a 3D model from Sloyd using Blender
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Optimizing your 3D Models for Better Video Game Performance

Discover top strategies for optimizing 3D models in game development. Increase frame rates and reduce memory usage for smoother gameplay experiences.