Terms of Use

Terms of Use - Sloyd WebApp
By signing up to use the Sloyd WebApp you are agreeing to these terms of use.

1. Definitions
a. Sloyd AS, corporate registration number 927129043 in Norway as “Sloyd”
b. Sloyd application, provided at app.sloyd.ai as “web-app”
c. “Model” applies to any 3D model exported from the “web-app”.

2. License Rights
a. Ownership. Sloyd, or a 3rd party, is the owner of the models in the “web-app” and you are not granted rights of ownership to the models. All rights that are not explicitly granted in this agreement are reserved to Sloyd.
b. Right Granted.  You have a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide right to use models from the “web-app” within your creations for usages authorized in this agreement. 

i. Games, Art work, digital media and promotions are permitted usages of models, for personal, editorial and commercial use if the model is put together into a scene that is composed of more than just one sloyd model. 
ii. Stand alone usage of a single model is permitted for personal and editorial use only.  
iii. Alterations and changes such as texturing, putting on a shader and adding and subtracting parts of a model is permitted for personal, editorial and commercial use. 

c. Reselling and redistribution of “web-app” model files are not permitted. You may not publish a model in a marketplace, an asset store, a stock media clearing house or any other form of reselling. 

d. 3D printing. Models can be 3D printed, up to 10 times a month, it total, for all models obtained from the ‘web-app’. To print in larger quantities you’ll need to sign a ‘3D printing redistributor license agreement’. Write ‘hello@sloyd.ai’ to learn more about it.