Generate 3D models. Fast.


AI-powered 3D that is usable

No 3D blobs taking hours to optimize. Just clean mesh, with complete control of your polycount.

Huge 3D model library

Discover our customizable 3D model library, ideal for game developers, designers and 3D enthusiasts
Procedural assets with AI customization
Easy-to-use, high-quality output
From buildings to weapons, furniture and props
online 3d modeling

Easy customization
of 3D models

Customize 3D models effortlessly, designed to fuel your creativity and efficiency in any project
Use AI to customize our models quickly
Precise customization with sliders and toggles
No previous 3D modeling knowledge needed
customization of 3D models


Designed to fit existing workflows, 3D models from Sloyd are optimized and ready-to-use
Automatic UV-unwrapping for texturing
Automatic LODs to match quality and performance needs
Export with separate parts for easy texturing and animation
3D models
3d modeling online
Endless 3D Model Variation
Create diverse 3D model variations with text input, adjustable sliders, or our quick randomizer for instant results
bicycle 3D model
Any style,
Any Project
Generators covers styles with realistic proportions and stylized, cartoon-like designs, for full creative freedom
3d asset
Any Level of
The Level of Detail slider ensures you have all variants you need
Software Development kit

Bring the power of Sloyd into your games or appliactions

Use our SDK to generate optimized 3D assets, powered by AI from within your game or app, instantly.

Sloyd API for 3D generation anywhere
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Is it possible to do 3D modeling online with your tool?
Can I generate 3D for free?
What types of 3D models can I create with your tool?
Can I also create 3D models from images using your tool?
How does your text to 3D model creation work?
How can I contribute?

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Our vision for automated 3D creation


Real-time generation within game engine

Sloyd 3D treasure chests in multiple styles

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