Create Virtual Worlds with Sloyd SDK and APIs

Give your players the power of creating 3D with AI right inside your game or virtual world.

We'll contact you when the SDK is available. Unity supported first.


Instant 3D generation with AI Editing

Equip your platform with real-time content customization tools, ensuring a constantly evolving and engaging virtual world.

an example scene with SloydSDK AI prompt in real time editing mode

Empower User-Driven Creativity

Let users personalize their experience to build a vibrant, user-led virtual community.

Seamless Integration

Server-side generation through APIs, or user-side generation through SDK in real time - both enabling 3D editing with AI.

Game-Ready, Customizable Models

Give users AI-customizable 3D models that are game-ready, offering both quality and adaptability.

Build Strong Network Effects

Grow user engagement through community and collaboration

Say Goodbye to Hefty Game Sizes

Generate assets at runtime, on demand! Save storage and make your games more accessible on low-end devices and low bandwidth areas

What our users say

"Sloyd is a time-saver as I don't have to start everything from scratch."
3D Artist
"I've explored many 3D model generator AIs, and Sloyd is one of the most usable softwares.”
Indie Developer
“Few generative companies can accurately create 3D content on the fly like this.”
Studio CEO

Enhance your virtual world with Sloyd

Transform the way users interact, create, and connect in your virtual world with Sloyd's SDK or APIs.

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