Fast, intuitive game prototyping with Sloyd Plugin

In-engine procedural + AI modeling.
Fast, flexible, and user-friendly.


AI-Enhanced Asset Creation

Move from concept to prototype faster than ever, with AI-powered 3D modeling.

In-Engine Asset Customization

Enhance your game development workflow with 3D customization in-engine using AI prompting or intuitive UI sliders

Modeling for non-art teams

Designed for everyone in the game development team. No more searching asset packs or waiting for changes from the art team.

From prototype to final assets in a click

Increase LOD and add details with ease. Optimized prototyping with seamless transition to final assets.

Rapid Iteration and Experimentation

Experiment with game concepts and visuals quickly, by changing out assets or their style fast.

What our users say

"Sloyd is a time-saver as I don't have to start everything from scratch."
3D Artist
"I've explored many 3D model generator AIs, and Sloyd is one of the most usable softwares.”
Indie Developer
“Few generative companies can accurately create 3D content on the fly like this.”
Studio CEO

Speed up your game prototyping with Sloyd

Create faster and in a more engaging way using the Sloyd plug-in directly in your game engine.

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