Sloyd API for 3D generation anywhere
SLoyd sdk and api

Instant 3D creation anywhere

Unleash real-time 3D creation powered by AI in your game, product, or platform!

Creation tools

Build your own creation tools using our restful APIs, and allow your users to generate 3D objects at runtime.

Procedural games or simulations

Generate new experiences every time, based on your rule-sets. 

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Access all generators and features

We update the types of objects you can generate weekly. Access generators and customization with AI from anywhere.  
3d models

Millions of variations

Near limitless combinations and customization options. Adjust any part instantly.
3d models

Reduced build sizes

Up to 99% saving in storage! 3D is generated at runtime, not stored.
3d models

Realtime LOD control

Generate the right LOD for your use case instantly. All available through UI or code.
3d models
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Three access points
Runtime generation

Have complete control, using our SDK for runtime + real time generation of 3D assets.

3d creation anywhere

Add 3D creation capabilities to any software. Prompt and get a 3D model, in just a couple seconds.

Unity Plugin
Fast 3d creation

Simple and fast 3D creation. Access all generators,  customizations and text-to-3D.

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Sloyd 3D treasure chests in multiple styles

Sign up for the waitlist

Be one of the first with access to our run-time 3D generation technology.