3D Creation

Create 3D just by typing text!

Decide on a 3D-model, tweak its look, style, and feel, and put it to use in your game.

Instant customisable props for your game

We create the models using a fancy algorithm, giving you unique results every time, so that you can focus on making your game.

Instant Models

No prefabs. Only algorithm-based, procedurally generated fully UV-unwrapped 3D-models that you can customise to your liking.

Predictable Results

No hidden polygons. No tiny triangles. No hidden surprises. Get the most optimised 3D-models and inspect their wireframes and dimensions.

Smart Editing

Resizing is applied proportionally: thicken, widen, and extrude an object and keep its characteristics. Smart logic adds parts such as legs to a table automatically when you extend it.

Gaze at the benefits of


  1. SDF-based object creation
  2. Automagic UV-unwrapping
  3. Real-time generation speeds (<16ms)
  4. Run-time generation (with SDK)
  5. Manifold geometry
  6. LOD-chain creation
  7. Export to major supported formats


For easy online creation. Simply log in and start creating any object you like by typing text and quickly adjust using simple sliders. Export to your 3D tool of choice or to your game engine.


For advanced users who need full control, with possibility to generate objects at run-time. Plug-in integration in game engines like Unity or Unreal, or access through Restful API online.

The Masterplan


Free WebApp

First, an open and accessible way to for you to test and try things out with us.

Late 2021

Paid WebApp

Then, we’re expanding the feature set towards a paid version with super simple licensing.


SDK for engines

After that, we start giving access to the SDK, allowing run-time creation.


Machine Learning

And at last! With this, Sloyd can scale to endless creation and design possibilities.

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